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Mel’s June Newsletter

Are we on final lap of the Covid saga?

It is great to see the courts so active after such a long wait, most evenings have seen members on court but  most impressive has been  Friday evenings with more than 20 players in action.

Here we see Maddie attempting to bring order for the next round robin session.

Also there have been the stoic spectators watching all the action of Friday evenings regardless of the cold and windy gusts. Mind you a few warming drinks may have helped to ward off the worst of the weather’s attempts to deter the onlookers.

Also Anthony G came to the rescue for the ladies by providing several space heaters to keep them warm, it was most noticeable there was a direct correlation between noises emanating from the ladies table and how warm they were; this resulted in the heaters mysteriously turning off when the noise level triggered some hidden switch. Then mid May saw the opening up of the clubhouse for groups of 6 sitting inside while being attended from the bar by Vowlesy who was very impressive in this role and could easily be at home at The Ritz, Piccadilly.

Also good to hear the Pilate’s sessions are now taking place again at the clubhouse so yet another sign of normality returning.

A further sign of getting back to normal is that Adam and the coaching team aim to hold fun sport and tennis sessions during the school summer holiday break.