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HLTC has an indoor court.

A few of the not so young Boys and Gals have braced themselves for a chat on the patio in the freezing cold, on one such evening a photo of some of the old boys  was taken which brought to mind a few well known comic celebrities of the past, but  don’t mention the war!!... So we have from L to R, Andy Capp, Oliver Hardy, Dud and Pete; hidden in the background is Mr Arkwright behind the bar with his dodgy till and propping up the bar Black Adder.  See you soon at court 4, Mel x

An important announcement about our “Indoor fourth court” at HLTC

After spending many years listening to the chatter at the bar, I have realised we do in reality have a fourth court at the Club namely the bar area itself. The playing members will be familiar with many of the expressions during discussions at the bar however listed below is how the bar team interpret them

Foot fault – one who is reluctant to go to bar to pay for a round

Top spin – best story of the evening from the old gits

Double fault – quadruple measure

Line call– offer to buy drink for those actually sitting at the bar

Love– bar tab of a member who does not buy a drink all evening

Deuce– two bottles of Peroni

Smash– member who has had too much juice at the bar

Long shot – double measure

Drop shot– measure from bar optic

Service– what you expect from the bar when ordering

Net call – end of evening totalling of your bar tab

And so on...

So with the above in mind it is clear we have a 4th court for member’s use, perhaps we need to decide on a title/nameplate for this facility, COURT 4 springs to mind.

Other suggestions are welcomed.